A Great Way To Increase Sexual Attraction

I just wanted to give you a quick insight into a fantastic new way of losing weight. Now I know that many of you will find it objectionable that there should be a connection between a woman’s weight and the sexual satisfaction that the two partners receive in a relationship. This smacks of discrimination. However, although I know that many men find their partners attractive and delightful regardless of appearance, I think most men would have to admit, if they were being honest, that a woman’s physical attractiveness is actually quite important to them.

Now please don’t get me wrong, because I’m not suggesting that conditions like delayed ejaculation can be caused by a woman being overweight. All I’m suggesting is that if you feel there is room for improvement in your relationship in terms of mutual attractiveness, by going through some kind of process of self improvement, then the Venus factor – see a Venus factor review here – is a great weight loss program for women.

The claims of this program is that it can help you to lose 12 pounds in 10 weeks — or is that 10 pounds in 12 weeks? – Anyway, regardless of the claims made the factor is based on sound physiological principles which have a decent degree of credibility, much more so than some of the diet plans that are out there on the market at the moment. We all know that losing weight fast is difficult and challenging, and so if you’re going to try to do this, you need a program that is really on your side and relies on physiologically proven principles of weight loss.

The Venus factor Is based on increasing the activity of the leptin within the body, which is the natural fat burning hormone responsible for weight loss in women and men alike. In women it tends to be less active than it “ought to be”, and the result of this is that women find it difficult to lose weight by burning fat. Anything that can be done to improve the activity of leptin in the body is going to help a woman lose weight fast, and this is what the Venus factor actually does.

Slow Down, You Come Too Fast!

If you’re a guy who’s ejaculating within two or three minutes of sex starting, you’re coming too fast.

You need to slow right down. Women want intercourse to last for 9 minutes or more. Most say around 15 minutes of intercourse would suit them just fine.

So how’re you going to match up to what she wants? How’re you going to make love last longer and hold back on your ejaculation?

Get a delay-ejaculation spray to numb your cock, maybe? Bad idea. You may find it burns your penis if you use too much (a very common problem, because all men need a different amount). But even if you do get the amount of spray right, this stuff will numb your penis so much you won’t feel anything at all. Not great. Besides, a lot of men say that their ejaculation becomes – well, delayed indefinitely. You get what I’m saying? In fact, the delay lasts for ever, and they never ejaculate. So why would you try this?

So how about counting to a hundred, checking out basketball scores and thinking of sex with your best friend’s granny? Yep, the old distraction techniques. They can delay ejaculation, right? Wrong! They won’t delay anything, but your partner will sense you’re off in your head rather than fully present with her in bed (women know that kind of thing, believe me)…. and that might just make her wonder who you’re thinking about, if you’re not thinking about her. Bad idea, my friend.

Uh-ho. Not going too well, is it? So there’s another chestnut out there: PC muscle squeezes. Heard of that? Hmmm. Haven’t we all? But did you ever try to slow down or stop your ejaculation by squeezing your PC muscle (the one you use to stop your piss in mid-flow)?  And did it work? No. And it never will, either. This is a fool’s game.

So what now? Your girl’s beginning to look a little pissed that sex stops after you shoot your load in two minutes. You sense trouble ahead. Man, you need to do something. FAST!

Ejaculation By Command Will Show You How To Delay Your Ejaculation Easily, Quickly, and Simply.

So what the heck is that, you say? Ejaculation By Command is the world’s most successful and longest-established ejaculation delay program. Based on modern techniques of behavioral change, like NLP, self-hypnosis, and reprogramming your beliefs about yourself, this system offers you a real way to last longer in bed. Within days. And just to make sure you have a head start TONIGHT, you get 15 emergency tactics you can use IMMEDIATELY to slow things down tonight.

Just imagine the look on her face when you surprise her with sex that lasts 15 minutes. Take it from me, this stuff works….. and here’s how to get hold of it. Click this link. That’s all you have to do.


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